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Don’t let your mower fail you. Is your mower in need of a service? Take advantage of our Specials and be ready to cut…

At Acacia Mower Centre we operate a full workshop. We service a wide range of brands. Avoid costly repairs with regular servicing of your lawn mower, chainsaw, brush cutter and other outdoor power equipment! We specialize in lawn mower repairs, ride on lawn mower repairs, Zero Turn Lawn mower repairs.

Didn’t buy your equipment from us” ? – Don’t worry we will still service, repair and do warranty work on any of the brands we support regardless of where the product was purchased. If you do want a warranty assessment we do need a proof of purchase.

A lot of people don’t realize that  Zero Turn & Ride-on mowers need more servicing than your car. These machines operate in the worst environment and are always surrounded by dirt and dust. In the past we have tried to encourage customers to complete their own minor service work and then contact us when a major service is require.

However…. during the mowing season we have found a lot of customers  have been running their mowers into the ground and not doing basic maintenance, like checking oil or air filters. This mainly occurs because the customer either doesn’t have time or doesn’t know what they need to do.

Think about it… a full air cleaner  is the same as someone putting their hand over your mouth. You wouldn’t be able to run about if you couldn’t breathe.

We need to encourage you to have your mowers and other equipment serviced on a regular basis as a mower is a significant investment and if you get it serviced  this adds to the longevity of your machine.

For workshop terms & conditions please see the following LINK

Types of Services

Standard  Ride on ServiceThis is done every 25 -50 hours and includes oil, filters, plugs and general check over.$200 – $300.
Tappets and Valves SetThis is usually done around the 75 hr mark. We do this at the same time as a standard service. (price includes standard service)$300-400
Hydro ServiceIf you have a serviceable transmission a service is required at 75 hrs then every 250 hrs after that.Approx. $200 depending on Filter
Pick-up and Delivery$80 within 40 km, other distances may vary
General RepairsOther repairs will be charged at the std hourly rate depending.$85 per Hour
Push Mower Service (Some parts not included as vary per machine) avg cost $140-160 including parts.
Hand Held Equipment (Some parts not included as vary per machine) avg cost $79-120 including parts.

What we recommend is that our customers bring their mower to us before it runs out of warranty (usually 2 – 3 years) or at the 75 hr mark and then every 250 hours after that.

Service Offer

Book your ride on mower in now and receive a free service fee on a push mower or hand held item (Valued at $66 to $79)Note: parts used in the service are still charged.

*Important – to get these prices, you must mention that you saw this special online.  In addition we have some great deals on new mowers and other equipment.

To Book your service now Phone 07 3273-6457.