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Manual Transfer Switch | Briggs & Stratton

SKU: GN00097A

This item is a manual transfer switch suited for a Briggs & Stratton Q6500 Generator. This switch allows you to power your lights and select electrical items (refrigerator, etc.) with the applicable generator.

Install the manual transfer switch into your meter box today and you will be all set for the next time your property or business is hit with a power outage.

Once you have the manual transfer switch installed, all you need to do in the event of a power cut is plug your Q6500 Generator in and turn it on the the nominated circuits you have chosen when your manual transfer switch was installed will be live. In most cases this will allow you to get a lot of your power back on an going.

Note: You will need to have an understanding of what power your appliances use as each appliance requires a specific load to start and a different load to keep going. This might require you to turn them on in a specific order.

This kit is comprosed of 1x32Amp inlet, 1x15Amp inlet and 1×3 position switch which is fitted inside the meter box. Price does not include installation and must be done by a qualified electrical installer.

The installer selects the inlet to be used based upon the generator size the customer has. Once the inlet is fitted the 3 position switch is then fitted to the meter box.

All decals and wiring instructions supplied with the kit.


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