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Silly Season Deal 3 | Rover CORE Duracut 1010

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Rover CORE Duracut 1010 (Pack)

The Rover CORE Duracut 1010 (Pack) consists of a CORE Duracut 1010 Lawn Mower, 2 x 4Ah lithium ion R4144 CORE Batteries and Rover R4044 CORE Battery Charger.

The Duracut 1010 Lawn Mower is powered by a 40V Max CORE motor which gives you the power and performance of a petrol engine without the need for petrol. The Duracut 1010 features Push Button Start for simple, easy starting every time. Ideal for smaller yards with fine to medium grass, the unit also features a 45L polymer catcher and a mulch plug.

*Compatible with 4Ah and 6Ah Rover CORE batteries, the Duracut 1010 gives you up to 60 minutes continuous run time. The Duracut 1010 can house either one or two batteries, completely draining one before automatically switching over to the other, allowing the second battery to be taken out for charging whilst you continue to mow your lawn.

*Additional Rover CORE 4Ah & 6Ah batteries available separately.

CORE Duracut 1010 Mower Kit including Rover CORE Duracut 1010 Lawn Mower, 2 x 4Ah CORE Batteries and Charger.

The Duracut 1010 features a 40V Max CORE Motor, Push Button Start for easy starting and a large 45L catcher with fill indicator.

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Engine40V CORE Motor
Deck46cm (18″) steel deck
Blades2-Swing Back Blades (Oval Disc)
Wheels20cm (8″) ball bearing wheels for improved manoeuvrability
Mulch PlugStandard
Battery2 x CORE 4144 4Ah batteries included
Battery CompatibilityCompatible with Rover 40V Max CORE 4Ah and 6Ah, available separately.
Battery ChargerCORE R4044 Battery Charger Included
Warranty EngineLifetime Limited
Warranty Unit5 Year domestic, 90 day commercial.

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