Fixed Price Mower Servicing – Major Service

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“Fixed Price Mower Servicing” be ready for spring….

Did you know that correct Mower Servicing can save you running costs and in addition to this, by doing regular standard Mower Servicing with a Major service at 75hrs then every 250 hours you will ensure you get the best life out of your mower. Mower Servicing will also ensure your mower is ready to cut grass when needed. There is noting worse than having your mower not work and have to take it into the shop for repairs during the growing season when everyone needs their mower servicing done. This about it arrange your mower servicing for the quiet months when the grass isn’t growing.

A lot of people don’t realize that Zero Turn & Ride-on mowers need more servicing than your car. These machines operate in the worst environment and are always around dirt and dust. In the past we have tried to encourage customers to complete their own minor service work and then contact us when a major service is required.

However…. during this mowing season we have found a lot of customers  have been running their mowers to the ground and not even doing the basics like checking oil or air filters. This mainly occurs because the customer either doesn’t have time or doesn’t know what they need to do.

Think about it… a full air cleaner  is the same as someone putting their hand over your mouth. You wouldn’t be able to run about if you couldn’t breathe !!

Now as we head into the off season, we need to get as many customer mowers  as possible up to scratch before the next season. A mower is a big investment and if you get it serviced now it will be ready to go when the grass starts growing rather than having it break down when you need it and have to wait during the busy season.

Included in your Major lawn mower service is

  • Oil,
  • Oil Filter,
  • Air Filter & Pre-filter
  • Fuel Filter,
  • Plugs
  • Setting Tappets
  • 75 Hour Inspection
  • Safety check

Engines covered by this Service include Kawasaki FR Series, Briggs and Stratton Engines up to 25hp, Kohler Engines up to 25hp filters.

Require Blades or Belts ? If yes, we will fit these for FREE – Just Pay for the parts.

Your mower should have a major service at 75 hours and then every 250 hours after that.

Note: Depending on the type of mower transmission you have, you should also consider getting a transmission at the same time. These are required for all mowers with a serviceable transmission.


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