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Chainsaw | Bushranger CS5210 18″ Bar 51.7cc 5.3kg

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A light weight compact high powered chainsaw. Pruning, felling, lopping: Bushranger® offers models with different specifications to suit the job at hand. Every chainsaw in the range is characterized by top quality, reliable performance, easy use and maintenance. Furthermore, the engine’s low consumption and linear torque-speed response ensure premium performance even during extended periods of continuous duty.


  • 18″ Guide bar.
  • .325″ Pitch Chain
  • Chain brake.
  • Throttle trigger safety lock out.
  • Full anti-vibration system.
  • A primer which facilitates starting even in the harshest climates.
  • Aluminium oil pump: ensures zero flow with engine idling and long, durable service.
  • Single multi function lever incorporating on-off, half-throttle and choke control devices: practical and easy to use.
  • Bar scabbard.
  • Combination spanner.
  • Adjustable oil pump.
  • Walbro carburetor.
  • Spiked Bumper.


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  • Domestic Warranty 2 Year Domestic Warranty

  • Commercial Warranty No Commercial Warranty

  • Power Plant  Two Stroke Petrol

  • Engine (cc)  45.6 cc

  • Output  51.7cc (2.2 kW)

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